Analysis of the modern new e commerce model

said that e-commerce model everyone knows B2C, C2C, B2B model, these three models are product centric, customer demand oriented, service oriented business model. The development of network marketing has been inseparable from any of the three models. We are on the Internet before 2010 is the most trouble everywhere let you pay the consumption of product advertising, what is the most annoying since 2010 US? Of course is everywhere for you to earn 1 million opportunities, but missed the kind of advertising contrite life. This can make people rich soon it is fool things? Advertisers will tell you that this is the fourth generation of new e-commerce platform, also reminded that if you miss this business model is equal to a few years ago miss Alibaba like Taobao. Make you dizzy ringing, I do not know! More people headaches is now all sorts of people to find your platform model that his is the fourth generation of new business models, are able to success in your life platform. To tell the truth, I am now very disgusted with this ad, but I am not sure whether these fourth generation business model is not good or very good. But I dare say that now all claiming to be all kinds of platform of the fourth generation of new business models, as long as you can get to tell, the way they are operating product contains B2B, C2C, B2C, is a superficial reform, the following will mode you click La analysis of a new electronic commerce:

a, how to supply products


uses C2C and B2B model, the product is provided by the supplier, any product in the hands of people can do suppliers, if you do not have the product can promote their products to businesses with new business platform sales. You say, we are so good as Taobao’s C2C platform, also like the Alibaba and the Jingdong B2B platform, so B2C mall, why products or means to find the partial sale of the new business platform? And we choose the platform, the main trend is a powerful leveraging on it the. What is this silly mode just can soothe the hearts of the supplier, have come to do new business suppliers. The answer is very simple, that is, win-win, win-win is also the core of the new e-commerce means, it is all the mode of win-win development center.

The new

business platform as long as the supplier can recommend their products to business platform sales, then recommended businesses on the platform after both the sale of any products, the platform will be permanent to the supplier recommends the business of the Commission, that is as long as the supplier recommended businesses have been on the platform to sell their products, what is not dry can the supplier after he has been recommended to his business sales commission. This is why everyone is willing to come to the new business platform suppliers. And the platform for the monopoly of the product, but also a strict recommendation of the supplier’s products in the hands of merchants. The conditions of the audit are:

1, the product must not appear on the market >

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