The new regulations came into effect in August Taobao accumulated points over 48 points shall be se

Tencent Francisco July 19th message, released the first half of July 18th the rights data show that 1 to June this year, processing commodity information infringement of intellectual property rights up to 47 million, in which only a quarter of Taobao launched the "suspected counterfeit goods infringing intellectual property rights and special operation, processing relevant information about 25 million.

in the system construction, the information security department on, also formally established the first half of the commodity inspection system, the line on the protection of intellectual property rights and the platform, involving a violation of intellectual property rights of the "Taobao" rules according to the rights of experience and market trends were revised, "rights system upgrade perfect, will provide continuous power for promoting the rights of work platform, with Taobao as the representative of the online shopping industry, and even the whole economic field of intellectual property to improve the environment."

in the first half to deal with infringing goods information 47 million

1 to June this year, continue to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources to carry out the activism, handled the infringing goods information up to 47 million, the amount of complaints received merchandise information processing is 157 million, more than 24 people including members of punishment, when installed bestseller (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. (JACK& JONES the infringement of goods) more than 70 thousand, commodity processing infringement Chanel Limited by Share Ltd involved more than 5 pieces.

started last year and proved to be an effective way to fight this year has been a continuation of. Since January 1st, carry out suspected counterfeit goods infringing intellectual property rights and the special action, involving books, audio and video, electrical appliances, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, watches, baby products and other major categories, the first quarter of the special action information, a total of more than 2500. In the second half, Taobao will continue to carry out special rectification work combined with market conditions.

formally established commodity sampling system

March, Taobao formally established commodity sampling mechanism: Based on transactions, refunds, complaints and other information, and sellers of goods on the corresponding regular sampling, sampling products commissioned by the national formal third party quality inspection agencies to identify, and according to the identification results according to the rules of illegal sellers punishment.

in March to carry out the sampling, there are 5 sectors of the industry were identified as substandard goods, Taobao, and so on the punishment of the relevant members of the 39, the relevant information of the 16 thousand items were deleted. At the same time, invested hundreds of thousands of funds, combined with LV, GUCCI, Levi’s, Chanel, Samsung, Matsushita, SWAROVSKI and other 89 international big manufacturers, to buy brands provided by the allegedly infringing goods by brands and professional third party agencies responsible for the identification, a total of more than 390 pieces of infringing goods identification information, and according to the rules 370 related members were punished.

intellectual property protection platform on-line


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