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domain name auction is a domain name trading, the seller through the third party platform to sell the domain name within the specified time the highest bidder. This way also gradually recognized by the market, it is not necessarily a sale or sale, not on sale, the price is not fixed, competing with 2 or more than 2 of the buyers, the highest bidder.

currently, CN ( on many domains are auctioned, including,,.Cn, and dozens of blogs and so on three letter domain.

CN domain name auction process is divided into three stages:

1, the preparation stage, the seller submit the domain name, assessed by the gold Commissioner online through the audit, the seller transfer the domain name to CN, or pay part of the deposit;

2, the official auction, within the stipulated time, buyers in the platform bid, and finally the highest bidder;

3, domain name trading, after the success of the auction, buyers name CN transactions through the intermediary system, ensure the funds and the security of the domain name.

problem: after the successful bidder, CN to ensure the safety of the transaction


answer: after the end of the auction, not over-the-counter, buyers to pay the money to the gold net, we cn after receipt of payment confirmation, notify the seller will transfer the domain to the buyer’s designated account, or provide the password, by the buyer to confirm receipt of transfer, waiting to buy home after the domain name, we will pay the money to the seller, if you encounter difficulties in the transaction process, we will assist in the completion of.

problem: the bid after the payment, the seller does not give the domain name

how to do?

answer: first of all, money is certainly safe, the buyer does not confirm receipt of the domain name, we cn is not to pay the money to the seller. In addition, before the seller then auction will transfer to the domain name, domain name we cn, or pay a certain amount of deposit. If the seller does not give the domain name, then we will seriously deal with this behavior, deduct the seller to pay the deposit, and freeze its account, and to the buyer a certain amount of economic compensation.

problem: the seller will not own price?

answer: No, we have gold net and anti cheat system strictly, we determine cookies, IP address, comparing each field account information and so on, but also artificial participate in supervision, to ensure fair and equitable bidding. Do not care too much about this behavior, it is recommended that buyers bid their own psychological price, if the price of this domain name is relatively low, you can bid, if higher than the psychological price, and can give up.

question: Why are these domain names so low?

answer: you can only see the current price, the average buyer will bid in the last few minutes, the current price does not reflect the final transaction price of the domain name.

problem: CN whether reliable? "

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