Taobao absorb huge amounts of advertising sustained blood supply can be the helm of the future

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joint economic effects of the Internet e-commerce market, online advertising and e-commerce market is one of the burning of the link, with the exposure of the effectiveness of online advertising, also began to favor and recognized by investors. The Internet advertising market growth also soared. It is understood that the fourth quarter of China’s online advertising market size will reach $10 billion 560 million, an alarming growth rate. But the most impressive is non Taobao perfectly, according to analysts, Taobao 2010 total revenue is about 5 billion, but advertising revenue accounted for 8 of total revenue, 4 billion yuan, has been peer envy.

Taobao advertising revenue growth of

is discussed and the industry focus of interest, but there is no doubt that the Taobao platform transaction size growth leads to the relative scarcity of Taobao Taobao search advertising resources, adjust the rules are the two important reasons. The industry predicts that in 2011 Taobao advertising revenue will continue to become a benchmark for online advertising market.

Taobao Taobao is undoubtedly the most important source of advertising revenue, it is similar to Baidu PPC, click and pay. The industry believes that the "rules" of the majority of small and medium-sized sellers are in a "line", is that you must be willing to contribute to Taobao, or your goods will be frozen. Although quite popular, but Taobao’s search through train advertising has attracted more and more sellers to pay, Taobao has become an important force in the online advertising market.

super sell is according to different value of promotion resources, according to the different types of seller needs to promote, develop different theme activities, to promote the participation of the seller commodity promotion sales service. In short, the super sell tyrants is to focus on the seller’s products together to focus on the form of activities, activities in the form of a strong promotion on Taobao. An important source of Taobao, Taobao is also a super Mic King off advertising revenue.

in addition, in November this year launched Taobao shopping search Amoy network, Baidu and Google to shunt shopping search traffic, even income, this station shopping search engine, and share traffic outside the station cooperation website, bring more advertising, it is a kind of important marketing platform, also perfect the electronic commerce chain

B2C Taobao to enter the field, then to build the Taobao mall, mall is a large advertising revenue growth, an unprecedented event in 2010 Taobao mall singles sales also has been the business filed. On this day, Taobao mall joint more than a hundred well-known brands for the audience half off promotions in 16 hours, the sales of over ten million brand, the 58 brands over a million. At the same time, Taobao itself has created a single day of 936 million yuan turnover spree, higher than the total retail sales of Hongkong day of 850 million yuan.

and Taobao mall leader in the field of e-commerce B2C is awesome IDC station IDC station service infinite vitality, hot demand, the day before the well-known IDC service provider China Nobel also pushed on

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