How to share the 11 double diamond show is how to break out of 300 thousand yuan

double 11 although it has been in the past half a month, but this morning I was on the company’s distributors to do the training, of which there are 11 pairs of drills in the course of the exhibition summary.

The double

11 cost nearly 300 thousand yuan, while the ROI is 1.5 times higher than the industry average, in two categories which should be arranged first. Because in the double 11 after a few days, there are several categories in the hearing for the promotion of the group of people complaining, double 11 day Click cost is too high, I dare not put. Some of the shops are still on the strength of our shop. So, I think the reason why I can give myself 99 points is the idea of the way out, there will be good results.

first click on the cost to analyze last year to spend 170 thousand yuan, from November 1st to November 11th, the average click cost is $6.11, of which there are 15% spent in the vote, the 15% visitors, the group of 60%, the point of interest. Through the analysis of these data, the main reason is the orientation is not accurate enough. Secondly, the choice of resources is not appropriate, there is no a complete layout, just spend money, regardless of output. Third, the material hits too bad. The fourth is the bid skill is not enough to grasp.

according to the experience of failure from the national day last year, after coming back, I began to prepare a pair of 11 materials, and all the materials are before the brand group on the process of hits is a good picture optimization, such as modifying the discount information, increase pair of 11 LOGO, the general direction and style is the same, so in order to share opportunities in the fierce competition in the big promotion activities.

in the end of the month of continuous testing material, continuous optimization, better CTR material. It was started in October 28th has been preheated, because this year’s exhibition is the background of the drill can be counted to 15 days of data, according to this time to calculate, in October 28th just good statistics. So, from the launch of the budget every day in 2000 yuan has been increasing, the bid is also increasing, observe the change of every hour, every day of the data, whether the bid can be used to complete the budget of each promotion plan.

done before the plan is a budget of 200 thousand yuan in October, 9, 10, 11 days to the peak daily budget invested 30 thousand yuan, later increased to 300 thousand yuan, so the daily budget will increase, therefore, from the beginning of November 5th has over a million. I was thinking if the daily budget consumes 30 thousand yuan, you need to put all the Taobao carousel Figure 2, 3, 4 of the coke resource are put in, choose three different types of creative. In fact, the first Taobao coke resource from the beginning of November 5th has gone up, click on the click rate is not high, the cost is not low. And I have not given up the resources of the material test, but the results tell me, if in accordance with this idea to launch, must die very miserable.

After careful consideration, I decided to adjust the investment strategy, because Taobao is the first focus of all businesses can put the

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