Taobao judicial auction will take Qingxin sland starting price up 200 million yuan network judicial auction starting price will once again refresh. Zhejiang province Chunan County People’s court before the news release, in May 20th 10 to May 21st 10, a public auction on Qiandao Lake Qingxin island in the Taobao online network, starting price up 200 million yuan. If the auction is successful, will be the new high Chinese network judicial auction starting price record.

in March 30th this year, Haining City People’s court to auction a state-owned industrial land use right transfer, then refresh the network judicial auction record – starting price up 155 million yuan, 159 million yuan for the successful bid price.

it is understood that the upcoming auction this month, the subject matter includes the town of Chunan County Lake Qingxin Island (Qingxin Hills) real estate (under construction) and ancillary works including Qingxin Island Bridge Tourist Resort Hotel complex, to assess the price up to about 233 million 604 thousand and 300 yuan, the starting price of 200 million yuan, price range increased to 1 million yuan. The buyer will need to pay the bid deposit 12 million yuan. According to the "Qingxin Island planning condition" and "construction planning permit", "Qiandao Lake Qingxin island" as the main resort hotel, hotel, villa projects, tourism entertainment (District) land, the construction projects in the total planning of 10 houses, the wine shop management center and a common room with room 1 building, room 9 building independent style rooms, hotel management center is equipped with dining, entertainment and fitness, meetings and other functions, equipped with swimming pool, cruise ship docked at the pier.

Taobao official said, as the Zhejiang Provincial High Court judicial network technical support platform, as in the past to Taobao auction platform support, the future will continue to improve the function of judicial network, improve the stability of the network auction system. judicial auction platform launched in June last year, has announced 226 auction auction, including vehicles, machinery and equipment, factory buildings, residential, commercial housing etc.. (reporter Liu Yuxin)

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