U S mission home service access auto insurance service entrance will be sixth on line

June 8th news, according to informed U.S. group on-site service will access vehicle service, this is the beauty group on-site service following the daily cleaning, special cleaning, after Manicure, massage, sixth door car wash service entrance.

and 58 home and Jingdong home platform difference is large, the platform is based on the high frequency access service for choice, the U.S. group started from the door door car wash, and access to vehicle service, the U.S. group compared to before the on-site service frequency gradually decreased.

U.S. group home service

but according to relevant data show that in 2014, the national automobile production and sales were 23 million 720 thousand and 23 million 490 thousand, an increase of 7.3% and 6.9%. Year on year, the auto insurance market also showed a rising trend year by year.

U.S. mission, said, we are focused on doing their own business, what categories of consumer demand we will consider, there is a good demand. But the United States mission will not open a restaurant, will not open the cinema, do not do business under the traditional line of business, but the platform to connect businesses and consumers."

it is reported that the United States came to the home of the O2O model as a result of a complete business oriented, after the review and discussion, you can system docking, on-line service. At present, have access to on-site service, including Manicure Dudu e home cleaning, housekeeping, easy washing and other cloud market, the insurance business is not online, beauty group said, the specific content is not convenient to disclose.

U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing at the annual meeting of the U.S. mission network 2015, said 2015 will be the year of the real O2O decisive battle, but also the United States Mission began to build a platform to build an ecological year. From the overall situation of the development of O2O and the development of the United States, the establishment of the platform, the external and internal conditions of ecological construction has been more mature.

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