Draft detailed method delete bad business slow delivery seven questions you may not see again

December 19th, the twelfth session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held in, the first consideration of the People’s Republic of China e-commerce law (draft). The draft stipulates fine businesses delete unfavorable evaluation in serious cases at more than 100 thousand yuan and 500 thousand yuan; the delivery delay, loss, damage or loss shall be compensated according to law; the quality of goods consumers may request the third party platform of compensation, Sina Technology to comb the draft seven science focus of concern.

focus one: electronic business platform

electricity supplier third party platform to standardize key

the first draft of the definition of electronic commerce, through the Internet and other information networks for commodity trading or service transactions business activities. The information network including the Internet, mobile Internet and other commodities; including tangible products and intangible products trading transactions (such as digital products); service trade refers to the service trade of the products; business activity refers to for-profit business activities, including the exchange of commodity and service transactions and related business activities.

draft also clear that laws and administrative regulations on commodity trading or service transactions have special provisions, the use of its provisions. This law does not apply to the services of financial products and services, the use of information networks to broadcast audio and video programs, as well as online publishing.

According to the draft

, electronic business platform refers to the electronic commerce activity for the trading parties or provide web space, virtual business premises, trading, information dissemination and other services for the trading parties or independent legal persons or other organizations to carry out trading activities.

electronic business platform in e-commerce transactions should bear the legal responsibilities and obligations are clearly defined in the draft.

according to the provisions of the draft, the electronic business platform to provide services to apply for entry into the sales of goods or the platform operator identity, such as administrative licensing information for verification and registration, establishment registration records, and regularly check the update. The electricity supplier business entities should apply for business registration in accordance with the law, but the law does not need to obtain permission from the personal skill labor and family handicraft industry, agricultural products produced from the sale, does not require registration.

at the same time, as the seller of goods and service providers of electronic business platform, and businesses need to assume the responsibility to protect the quality of goods and services, inspection and monitoring of goods or services within the platform. Consumers in the legitimate rights and interests can be damaged to businesses or electronic business platform for compensation.

addition, the electricity supplier platform should be distinguished in a significant way to mark the self-employed business operators and platforms to carry out business, shall not mislead consumers.

draft also provides that when consumers and business disputes, e-commerce third party platform should actively assist consumers to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

focus two: business evaluation

business to delete the negative evaluation of serious circumstances can be more than 100 thousand yuan $500 thousand >

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