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cool products can be said to be a good product on the market at present difficult to see… Hei hei ~ so many do not say, put it on a clear.


I think since it is a rare good product, then can get him to do for a long time and maximize the value of it is the key, therefore, on the one hand and told everyone about the requirements of advertisers, in addition to tell you some good methods to create the best effect.

The following

1, advertisers explicitly prohibit the delivery method:

prohibit the use of non union with the advertising material; prohibit the use of invalid flag window advertising; prohibit the use of any form of pop-up ads, including page website, pop-up ads straight play cool pictures, similar to the QQ message at the bottom of the pop-up; click on the prohibition of non advertising pictures the area outside the site linked to the phenomenon of cruel dispatch.Small

2, improve the effect of the proposal: in fact, very simple, a number of different categories with Cool News (train tickets, second-hand car, recruitment and so on), and analysis of their age and user preferences with, select appropriate category and material. At present, the Spring Festival is approaching, so the train ticket is more popular; there is a QQ type of advertising material, more suitable for users to visit the age of the site…

actually has a lot of good experience, we can add! (


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