Darunfa acquired legend the retail life of Tmall Office

[] "dozens of billion state power network is the traditional retail business and Tmall merger negotiations, these enterprises also talked with a Jingdong."

, a retail heavyweights said, following the Sanjiang shopping, a number of traditional retail companies want to marry Ali, looking for a way to the future of retail the right way. Among these, there are darunfa.

2016, Ma Yuncheng retail drugs, even with minced a little while, can make purchases of suspected price changes, pulling the "new" retail "Ma" and "Alibaba" will follow the broad concept of plate.

Sanjiang shopping since hold on Ali the thigh, 14 consecutive days of stock trading, just a month and a half, the stock pulled from 12 per year to maintain the highest around 54.96 yuan per share, up about 4.5 times.

in the two months of rumors in the industry Darunfa and Ali closeted, Gao Xin retail shares to the two wave pulled up after January to 60 degrees from 45 degrees to switch quickly pulled into the.

to do the first tier electricity supplier Darunfa, really want to embrace

backward Ali?

Darunfa puzzle

RT is listed on the main Gao Xin retail, it is the traditional retail giant Auchan qindie.

Gao Xin is close to negotiate and retail Ali, from a number of retail industry broke, billion state power network can determine the fact that just haven’t reached a final intention to negotiate.

According to the data of

, Kay testing as of December 2016, the retail market share in the Chinese Gao Xin retail is 7.8%, higher than the second Huarun 6.2% 10000 third WAL-MART, 5%, is two times more than fourth carrefour.



Gao Xin retail is also a very small number of traditional retail sales remain in most of the time. As of September 30, 2016 earnings data show that the first three quarters of the retail turnover of Gao Xin was $77 billion 319 million, an increase of 4.4%. During the period to achieve profit 2 billion 80 million yuan, an increase of 2%.

at the same time, Darunfa is very few to maintain high frequency rather than crazy shop closed shop of traditional retail, "according to the" united business network statistics, by the end of 2016, Darunfa China in year 31 new stores, the total number of stores reached 365, 19 years a square store only Weifang Weihe closed due to the property.


is not reversible, has changed, is the user consumption habits to reshape the electricity supplier, RT Mart stores can not meet.

consumer index for the 12 weeks ended December 2016 data show that: China’s fast-moving consumer goods market sales grew by 2.2%, the modern channel (big)

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