Ali Zhang Yong explosion 11 new features are not just buy buy buy

October 20th news, today, Tmall 11 global Carnival has officially unveiled in Hongkong. Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong (flower name: Xiaoyao) delivered an opening speech, which mentioned this year, including 11 pairs of globalization, entertainment attributes, large data driven personalization, full channel upgrades and other new features.


globalization, globalization continue to hold high the banner, last year’s global businesses through the online platform to reach Chinese consumers further this year, to help businesses to enter new markets in Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, all over the world, launched the "buy global sell global project, the first step is to open the EWTP.

entertainment attributes, this year will add a lot of entertainment elements, so that businesses and consumers interact, far more than the concept of shopping, entertainment, interactive. Definitely not to allow consumers to buy and buy machinery, but with a new interactive experience, including live, AR, new technology, and ultimately combined with consumption."

large data driven personalization. So that each consumer has its own double 11, will be highly personalized, according to consumer preferences, recommend suitable products, venue, etc..

full channel strategy to upgrade again. All channels work go a step forward, the line of a commodity inventory, open, open and open membership service. Online and offline services combine. There are 10 digital stores, three-dimensional double 11, consumers have a completely new experience.

for the 11 goal, this year’s Zhang Yong said the number is kept secret.

in addition, this year, UC, Youku member companies will also be involved in the activities of the 11 double.

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