Not handsome and the country’s top five registered business that B thing

the first direct agent is Xinwanghulian, because the early registration of the domain name is their habit, transfer agent is also more convenient, but advance from 2006 100 thousand of them can get 20 yuan price will not think so, they were locked in order to protect the conversion, is the agent of interest, Interest Protection Agency naturally, some people lose interest, the loss is not to say who I

went on to do, Chinese channel, the second names of my partners, chose them for fast parsing, parsing the number, then out of a ID, called countercurrent in the rain, he just made Chinese channel channel estimation at the time, still in the trial period, low cross regional development agency, I was on the set. Other than laggards pay double the money, get the same and the price of other agents, and later because other registered developers have cut prices, their registered price is too high to sell corn, they put my agent level to a minimum, why did he drop my contact level, he said spending too little, should fall into ordinary members, automatic money and in his communication difficult, often do not speak, sweat, and other agents at the same time, he developed the contact he was also said not good, his agents have also put self Agent number has sold

third is a new domain name partner network, because only he is the only one not limit users just transfer, membership password can always move away, but their own business price sometimes their channels are not clear, then, I and the new network of 20 thousand yuan dispute through behind this powerful media put their prepaid back,

fourth domain partner is 1 yuan CN million net, participate in activities, sales tasks, need attention to it, because my agent corn is more, more complex, there is no one to promote him, the results did not reach the sales task, the National People’s registered CN to 1 yuan, down to 100 civilink yuan / month, the channel is very snobbish, see you spending less, don’t fuck you mouth, no matter how many words left QQ, words are not back to

fifth is a business partner of domain name China, is my main push now one, is mainly in order to have registered in my thousands by sunshine Internet (business agent China) forcibly occupied on the modified analytic does not allow the transfer of toll station security domain to those poor long smooth transfer out. They can provide the direct price, you can transfer, you can modify the DNS this batch is some large domestic registered business pioneered

In fact,

channels are not away from me I also can understand, often in order to meet customer demand to the same channel, registrars quarrel, safeguard the interests of customers, they have emotional for me, or I consume them less channels from me put less money, some companies have some channels of basic salary, no basic salary is in full accordance with the agent consumption and payment of the advance royalty, so some of the more snobbish channels, and agent communication, as it should be in the society, so the reality is


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