The essence of A5 genuine goods at a fair price webmaster group purchase mode

to write this article, I first introduce, I am loyal station A5 webmaster friends, myself and friends run a startup business, I is the actual type of network marketing strategy of the website, I also Fuzhou local the most popular Fuzhou convenience net forum "consumer complaints" edition the moderator, to write this article "A5 webmaster group purchase mode of genuine goods at a fair price" my experience is completely combined, not from any model essay writing A5 group purchase strategy, ha ha, if wrong please forgive me.

what is the buy? I saw the Baidu encyclopedia, found that the encyclopedia is actually a narrow definition of the Group buy network group, which seems inappropriate. In fact, group purchase very early, Metro, Sam’s club should be representative of the group purchase, Suning, Gome, Xinhua and other large supermarkets also have a special commodity group purchase department, they provide the group purchase products are completely "genuine goods at a fair price". The rise of network group purchase from the United States, and in Europe and the United States have market, it comes from Europe and the United States market law to crack down on counterfeit goods and the sale price of products through the transparent, but the Chinese registering goods is bad imitation brand recognition, product price markdowns are playing word games, so I think the group purchase portal to forming network group purchase mode but have their own features of the site can be done successfully, believe that A5 can get out of a " in the figure under the leadership of the king; "A5 webmaster group purchase mode of genuine goods at a fair price.

A5 buy goods?

love A5 basic is the webmaster, webmaster of the needs of life (living), (1) to eat, they love good characteristics, such as the A5 Adsense group purchase 40 yuan shipping only 012! The original price 70 yuan of authentic Xinjiang super king of Hami raisins and wild blackcurrant product each 1 pounds (2;) they generally wear casual wear, love for their own occupation style clothes, such as the A5 station 001 group purchase 35 yuan shipping! T-shirt price 50 yuan personality; (3), A5 can provide O (a house, a _) O ha ~, but the stationmaster is the basic Indoorsman Indoorswoman can provide some house people the necessary supplies (4), group purchase; owners often open around the webmaster general assembly, A5 can engage with the travel agency organization to tourism group purchase, owners, owners can not only make more and more webmaster can promote friendship and relax.

webmaster job learning needs, they especially focus on network related products, these product attributes three aspects: one is the digital IT physical products, such as digital cameras and other two headset; is the software of virtual products, such as A5 group purchase only 240 yuan 022 webmaster! The original price of $300 Taobao maxima Wangwang group group software Lifetime version three is training; (including books) service products, such as A5 station is only 850 yuan 006 group purchase price 980 yuan! SEOwhy training course (the lowest in history only 50 people).

A5 group purchase goods to do the "genuine goods at a fair price"


physical goods: it must be original

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