The three major electricity supplier platform how leveraging electronic envelopes

red symbolizes happiness, when the red envelopes with the Internet after the relationship, not only to change the distance, but also a custom. Changes in the form of red envelopes, but also to the electricity supplier has brought some opportunities. No matter from the brand, or sales, or the number of users, used properly will be a great wealth, let the old yellow to tell you how to talk about the three major electricity supplier platform leveraging electronic envelopes.


Sina micro-blog red fly great in strength and impetus the more than 1 enterprises, institutions, and individuals launched # red fly # activities, but not all enterprises and fully tap the value of this platform. The red fly in small and medium-sized enterprises using the above part of a good grasp of some good cheats, because the first time perhaps is not enough, and the small and medium-sized enterprises of great electricity suppliers are put on this activity. Commercial enterprises are beginning to fly in red has been prepared and the activities of the set, the entire electricity supplier issued red envelopes summed up the following: (1) red activity coupon (2) product trial activities (3) by red fly activities do their own activities and programs (4) did not participate in that this is a no effect, but it seems that this effect results were generally satisfied with the activities.

let the red activity, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the electricity supplier, is a brand promotion and product promotion activities, with the official Sina power to achieve the purpose; another business enterprise can also through the activities to deepen with the communication between users, each time to see the official micro-blog @ or comment is in red fly, also let companies feel micro-blog did not imagine so good, but the operational problems, so that the electricity supplier companies with better ideas to operate micro-blog, rather than the micro-blog as sales channels, promotional or product information all day long hair.

today, study carefully to Huang, cosmetics, books and delicacy of enterprise support weapon.

(a) cosmetics electricity supplier

why the choice of cosmetics because each cosmetic brand will have a trial installed products, and electronic envelopes is a combination of forms. Either offline or online cosmetics cosmetics brand has provided the opportunity to try, then why not put the trial with the cosmetics company Red bound to do marketing, not only can manage to send products, can also be spread effect.

each user gets what they want when they are willing to spread voluntarily, provided that the premise is simple enough. For example, @wis skin care products with their feedback as bonus prizes to the majority of fans, micro-blog has 2 million 250 thousand users to participate in the #WIS red fly #, topic quantity exceeds 350 thousand. This voluntary behavior is a lot of enterprises can not be reached.

so why send IPad or IPHONE products such as Huang also don’t approve of? Do we know all the activities or marketing aims to promote enterprises and achieve sales or brand, and use these products to do stunts for "what is the significance?

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