Double eleven opportunities for electricity providers to reflect the line

Chinese brand 500 strong, electricity providers do money, resources, has a strong brand, but the failure rate is still as high as 65%, why? There is still lack of in-depth understanding of business, and the lack of empty cup mentality, misunderstanding on the basis of one-sided viewpoint. Entity and electricity supplier seems to pass through, specious, the author of this article from the physical perspective to criticize the electricity supplier business problems.

from the line to the line, the network into an isolated island

business entity by location, "the location" and "channels for the king" laws determine the importance of physical stores a lot of business entities can be divided into high middle and low breakdown of stores and determine the target customer base, according to the store location segmentation, target acquisition flow, namely the customer group segmentation entity stores.

e-commerce is different from the physical business, it does not have a lot of points, the site is unique, there is no association between different shopping malls and guidance, the formation of islands. In the site grade, high-end online department store in China does not exist, the world is also rare. The most influential comparison entities, Taobao, Xiushui Street, is a type of ghost street markets, Tmall mall is the mid low store market. A comprehensive online shopping mall Jingdong is the home appliance stores channel outside the shops and the nature of LuxeHome, like network stores is hypermarket brand discount sale.


is an island, the entrance is very important. Or take the Taobao, the Taobao Trade City, there are tens of thousands of businesses, super large, absolute contrast entities bigger than Beijing city. However, the main entrance is only two: Taobao, Tmall. For business operators, two entrance only in the bazaars, tens of thousands of stores, as in a corner of the maze, to get the opportunity to target customers, less poor. The number of businesses in Taobao, Tmall is increasing, the flow of resources allocation to individual businesses declined, traffic can get a glimpse of.

from the entity to the electricity supplier, the three core issues to be solved

core question 1: where do customers come from?

needless to say, talking about business, there is no customer, store renovation is no good, no matter how good the product is no use, no matter how good pricing.

business entities, consumers find the shop stores, from the market, excellent business entities must be a good application of dishangchangdongxian plans, according to the layout of the mall, customers are most likely to be planning to simulate what route in shopping malls, thus planning where settled which brand, and will allow customers to find they want to go to the shop, on the whole maximize revenue market effect. In addition, the store will also be consistent with the style of the product or brand style decoration to attract customers, the first eye will be able to seize the customer’s eye, will not indulge other customers interception.

network, product or brand through classification, optimization named display in the vast network, but the network in the island, unable to break through the entrance, the optimization of the information could not be in place, customers will not be able to find a shop. Another case, the customer is not easy to reach the store, may be due to

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