Electricity supplier price war who is the biggest beneficiary

electricity supplier price war in full swing, the electricity supplier giants are hoping to win more consumers through price wars, expand market share. The electricity supplier giant to compete for market dominance caused by the electricity supplier price war has started further fermentation, now electricity price not only is their own business electricity supplier industry, has gradually evolved into the consumer market.

consumers are undoubtedly the electricity supplier price war beneficiaries

consumers will undoubtedly gain a lot of benefits in the electricity supplier price war, due to lower prices of online shopping products generally lower than the line, so more and more consumers began to focus on the online shopping market. It seems that many consumers have developed a habit, is to buy goods online to see, do not rush to buy immediately, and the first to find the net at the same or similar goods, once found online low price will purchase orders on the internet.

can’t blame consumers choose online shopping online selling cheap, past due to asymmetric information, many businesses can sell commodity prices over several times, ten, twenty yuan into the goods would sell to two hundred or three hundred to go, but the store often hung "declined to bargain" regressed donghonghong sign, not the consumer when God is the consumer to a cause of online shopping market, after all, also in Taobao for a few "pro". Of course, a lot of merchandise stores and brand merchandise in addition to discounts is not bargain with consumers, and consumers to the store to buy things for bargain, only to buy a genuine goods at a fair price. But in the era of electricity providers, and stores selling the same goods shop prices often than store prices low, so consumers have a new way to buy cheaper goods and genuine goods at a fair price. Save more money to let the consumer electricity supplier price war, and have more choices, consumers in the electricity supplier price war benefit undoubtedly, but consumers have an electricity supplier predators in the price war to return it secretly.

Tmall profit in the electricity supplier price war

is currently the main electricity supplier to B2C self class Tmall platform and Jingdong, suning.com mall, Tmall platform is not to participate in the Tmall business, and Jingdong such as suning.com mall, will need to operate independently. At present, direct competition between the self B2C electricity supplier is more intense, for the future market power, have the advantage of Jingdong, and suning.com to catch up from behind, and wake up in time in the United States as a Kuba, price spread between the melee. Price war is not the most reasonable means of market competition, but is the most effective. So, in order to catch up with suning.com, Gome Kuba Jingdong mall launched a price war the most violent history.

suning.com, the United States, relying on its own advantage of Jingdong Kuba mall purchasing scale, gradually began to put pressure on the electricity supplier price war to upstream manufacturers, suppliers and other businesses. At the beginning of the price war, suppliers, manufacturers and other upstream businesses can barely accept, but when the price war intensified today, many manufacturers, for

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