Sina micro blog electric providers have launched online promotional channels cut into electricity pr

webmaster network admin5.con news, September 20th, Taobao mall Sina official micro-blog said to join hands with sina, micro-blog, a new micro mall shopping channel. Users click on Taobao mall Sina official micro-blog home on the promotion channel, you can browse Taobao mall promotional information directly into the Taobao mall shopping. Taobao mall will also send 1000 stores every day to carry out promotional cash red line. At the same time, on the same day, a well-known electronic business platform Mcglaughlin also launched Sina micro-blog promotional channels. This is the second Jingdong mall, Sina and micro-blog once again with the well-known business platform cooperation.




today, a well-known online shopping platform Wine wine Sina micro-blog also launched its official channel promotion channel. According to industry sources, Sina and micro-blog is the home appliance to negotiate cooperation intention through the cut electricity supplier way, micro-blog cash flow. Huaqiang North online will also launch promotion channel in the near future. Micro-blog Sina in the future will continue to have more electricity providers to cut through the show, micro-blog promotions and other activities, to provide a new profit model for Sina micro-blog.

business platform in Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog, one is seeking through social relations through commercial channels, seek more cash flow, seeking to explore new marketing mode on the other hand is the business platform competition competition. A few days ago, Taobao mall held a strategic publishing conference to start a new B2C open strategy, and Tencent new business platform QQ online shopping has also been exposed. China’s e-commerce sector will set off a new round of open debate. Not only playing hot e-commerce, micro-blog is also increasingly optimistic about the hidden opportunities in the field of electricity providers. How to accumulate the flow of micro-blog users and user relationships cut into the electricity supplier channels, the flow of cash, Sina has become an important development strategy for micro-blog now. Sina had previously heard the news of micro-blog’s independent listing, more integration with the electronic business platform to seek new profit model or will be an important preparatory work before its independent listing.

in addition to the promotion channel has launched a number of electronic business platform, the majority of well-known domestic electricity supplier platform has opened the official Sina micro-blog micro-blog, also intends to try to promote cooperation with the promotion. But the current promotion channel is just stay at the bottom of the state of the propaganda show marketing, electronic business platform is just trying to find the attitude of cooperation. The development of sina micro-blog is currently in the content also encountered many bottlenecks, how to establish a more vibrant social relationship, and the relationship between the user and the content and products through electricity supplier will be the future through electricity supplier channels of the cash flow is an important part of. Sina micro-blog cooperation with electricity suppliers will also attract other Sohu, such as Tencent, micro-blog and other electricity suppliers to cooperate with micro-blog. (text / Yang Yang)

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