Community e commerce to promote electricity supplier market new weapon

according to statistics, in 2010 the scale of China’s online shopping has been close to 500 billion, accounting for 3.2% of total retail sales, and the Ministry of Commerce proposed goal is to strive to "12th Five-Year" final online shopping transactions reached China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 5%, this means that China’s e-commerce market scale will be in before 2015 there are at least 500 billion growth space, enticing.

although the momentum of development of electronic commerce is very optimistic, makes, Jingdong, and a number of myths Eslite mall. But at the same time, the problems of traditional e-commerce model are also obvious. Among them, the pre-sale to trust, customer service is not satisfied, the two biggest weaknesses of e-commerce lies.

only from the shopping website provides information, consumers do not know how the integrity of business, product and material description is consistent, coupled with the recent Taobao brush exposed drill, delete bad reports also intensified online shopping trust crisis to a great extent, influence the turnover rate. In addition, consumers in the online shopping process after the receipt of the goods, if convenient, goods are satisfied, logistics is timely information cannot be well carried out, on the one hand can provide suggestions for other customers, on the other hand, businesses can not get real feedback, it is difficult for staff assessment, to improve drawbacks. If these problems are not addressed, only buy and e-commerce will be difficult to sell in the late last awesome.


community and together people to discuss and share the function of community, the combination of electronic commerce, to form a pre discussion guide consumption, customer service to share experiences and complete system, easier to create excellent products, quality service reputation, this is the lack of traditional electronic commerce website.

although the pattern of community e-commerce looks very beautiful, but also need to pay attention to many problems:

1, website development cycle

early shopping site features simple, recruit technical personnel can also be developed in a very short period of time to complete. But in the future e-commerce system will be very rich, unless there is sufficient human capital, or just rely on a few people to develop the team development cycle may be as high as more than a year. In the rapid development of the Internet today, the use of site software is clearly more in line with reality. Currently on the market there are many good software, such as shopex, hishop, iwebshop, etc., count the two development time, but also up to a few months to be able to achieve on-line.

2, the level of integration of community and e-commerce

community e-commerce is not a combination of community + mall system, to explore the real advantages of community e-commerce, it is necessary to integrate the depth, the function of the community fully integrated into the shopping process. BBS (Forum) systems tend to content aggregation, SNS (similar to happy network) system in the poly and share unique advantages, more suitable for integration with e-commerce systems. The future will have a SNS feature shopping sites will exist.

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