Do not solve is very difficult to have the light of day do scouring for women

there is no doubt that in Amoy line is the largest supplier in the women’s category, one category is never short of flow, double 11 at the time, the number of visitors to the starry reached 30 million, the day sales reached 200 million yuan, while the Han clothing in a brand team to achieve sales of 20 million yuan, is another category is impossible task. But it is also because of this, the women’s category is relatively mature in all categories, such as some shops and old customers repurchase rate reached more than 40%, is very good to do a membership marketing effect, put a paid advertisement for 2 times or more marketing, but also from the 2012 violence price war the transformation of the development trend of the brand. So, want to play the women of this category, if not solve the problem, it is difficult to solve the survival and development, is also very easy to be drowned in the red sea.

at the beginning of last August, vice president of operations in a number of local employees has more than 20 thousand people on the ground to find the brand business department, hoping to give some guidance on the promotion and operation. Electricity supplier was established at the beginning of the year, has not yet found a direction for more than half a year. The boss don’t want to use the brand influence, to blaze a new trail, then gives the corresponding resource ratio, such as single pull a production line for the electricity production supply etc.. Vice is always responsible for the clothing design, have more experience in traditional ground styles, but the network style is still in the exploratory stage, therefore, the explosion of test techniques are the choice of the most primitive, is that each employee to choose the most favorite two, the statistics have the highest number of votes as the explosion. In fact, this operation is actually used in 2012 where the shop is more, to the beginning of the year in 2014 has begun to use drill blasting test. The price of the shop in the summer of 200 yuan, for the women’s category is relatively high, but the brand is not what fame, the only advantage is the fabric is relatively high quality, good workmanship.

The localization of

given is to solve the style, since the choice of the model is the external mold, the route of Europe and the United States is sweet wind, you should lock the consumer groups, such as age, income, purchasing power, population characteristics and so on. Is to take a small route, route selection of small explosion of many styles, such as a small explosion of monthly sales of about 200, the whole shop has 10 such explosion models, the shop can be done. First do a good job of positioning and test explosion, the use of double 11 and double the 12 put paid advertising, it is easy to do the shop up.

and the store operation idea is still stuck in the monthly sales of thousands of pieces of burst mode of operation of the paragraph, such price to reach that sales, to store the current strength is very difficult to do, that is to say from a single, requires nearly a month after the single cycle, and because of limited resources, each order quantity are few, as far as possible to reduce inventory pressure. Therefore, this mode of operation is almost impossible to achieve. Shop item >

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