[a] Amoy road network covers two thousand or three thousand of the monthly income to follow feeling

today I see a Q in their Q friends list, the remark is a monthly income of over a million guest, long added, not before talking, I want to ask him to help promote their products, then chat, here is the content of the dialogue, not all, leaving only the key part. The feeling is that the execution of all by themselves, do not know a network of people, the chance can take advantage of the opportunity to make a fortune, and we understand the network, of course, the mother changed rules, may have little effect on our small guest, the guest, is indeed very heavy. You Amoy friends, and cherish.

Creek: pro, you can now reach the number of guest monthly income

Xiaoyao sword: two thousand, now in the beggar state

Creek: Yes, ah, you are a part-time or full-time

free sword:   full time ah, now less than 1/10

Creek: is not a cross store clearing canceled? What is the main promotion of it

free sword: Well, now with QQ group


is blocked the

last year tens of thousands of Amoy

they should do it now,

Creek: people are always too low-key

free sword: generally do not speak, was closed when the

activist last year when I was soft

I used to do Baidu know from the seal was not done after the

know a guest friend,

this year he guest income also fell by half

decreased by ninety percent

some time ago I find him he said only twenty thousand or thirty thousand

Creek: Mom rules change caused by it

: Well, Xiaoyao sword found more than two years of Amoy bigger reverse

also hang their own technology can not do it

actually, I used to be a pet doctor,

guest are met online friends to share the experience of

I actually is a net blind ha ha

in fact, where the bull sometimes learn a little bit of experience may make revenue several times

Creek: Yes, most of the Daniel too low profile

free sword: in fact, listen to lectures to do it yourself might make money

Creek: busy working hours on the lazy

free sword: 12 years, people say that Baidu know I asked a lot of people ask about the technology

that time a month can earn four, fifty thousand

I was at that time

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