The essence of website promotion is to grasp the user psychology

when you set up the site, began to promote the site, you should set up a set of their own website promotion plan, and can not rely on one or two methods, should use other website promotion method. When you use a method that doesn’t work, try other methods. You can succeed after failure. If you do not have enough patience, is not good website promotion.

there are many ways to promote your website, the following is based on the successful experience of many of the web site promotion methods.

1, the use of keywords

when users search for information on the Internet, in the search box, type their specific keywords. If your site keywords in the forefront of the search engine, then your site is greatly increased the probability of Internet users found. So you have to use keywords. You have to stand on the site visitors to think about the issue. Think about it, they are willing to search and search keywords, and then use these keywords in your web site, so that visitors can find it. You should use the most appropriate keywords, so that your site will not only be ranked in the last few pages of the search results. On the other hand, you should also consider other related keywords. You can use an online tool to help you figure out which keywords are appropriate and key words to provide the same project or information.

2, submit web site to search engine

if you want more traffic, then you should not ignore the search engine, you can use the free search engine search service, fill in the application form, submit the site to the search engine. This is done to make your site as soon as possible by the search engine. There are some additional services, you need to pay, such as advertising, it depends on your own choice. In general, at least 1 months, your site will be included in the search engine.

3, establish links with other sites

and other sites to establish a connection, you can increase the site traffic and weight. However, when the link is established, you have to consider whether the other side of the site is related to your site. It is better that the other side of the site has been operating for some time, and there is a certain amount of traffic. So when these visitors visit the site, you will see your site, you may click into the. Of course, you must also update the content of the site, to ensure that the site can arouse the interest of visitors.

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all in all, the website promotion strategy, the fundamental is to grasp the psychology of the site visitors, improve the user experience, retain users. As long as you follow this principle to do, stick to it, your site traffic will be more.

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