4 employees a monthly income of 100 thousand 35 Ping small restaurant business micro experiment

food and beverage products as a formula for life, usually to find ways to tightly cover, in order to ensure their own core competitiveness; operating details is not easy to open, stuffy hair money come true.

"formula I free to share, I do share in the single financial statements will open." Zhe brother facet founder Wang Yuzhe act in a diametrically opposite way, "because I do is a small bowl of internet."

brother was born in Beijing in 2014, small, 9 months in Beijing opened 10 stores, and established their own central kitchen in the open second stores when.

reference Jun is very curious, what is the same place the bowl of the Internet is this facet set of Internet business ideas? What are the doorway zhe brother


one, 35 flat store monthly turnover of about 100000, the Internet is not a feature visible

reference Jun and zhe brother meeting place, is the first store brand was founded after the opening of small zhe brother, is located in Beijing near Shuangjing.

before seeing zhe brother, reference Jun carefully observed the store:


head: head of black and white, in a row of brightly coloured door, looked fresh and simple.

store: about 35 square meters, has designed 30 seat, narrow is inevitable. But also the pursuit of simple decoration, with frames and other soft adornment, especially the painting on the wall, see the boss spent a lot of thought.

Kitchen: 8 square Houchu, slightly extensive simple furnishings.

employees: a total of 4, 2 employees responsible for field operations, while another 2 were responsible for cleaning up and take away.

: the cheapest price is 12 yuan a mountain plain plain facet, the most expensive 2 beef noodles, are 18 yuan a, in the middle of the two price, there are 7 different flavors of noodles.

zhe brother later, this store is 14 thousand yuan per month, the monthly turnover reached about 100000 yuan, the daily business, dine in and take out accounted for 7:3, the annual net profit can reach about 200000 yuan.

isolated from these data, in addition to the effective control of the small brother zhe rent in turnover in proportion, you did not see it reference what particular difference with ordinary small noodle.

two, Internet thinking is the first user thinking, to hold the user in the palm of the hand

The characteristics of the Internet

zhe brother facet is reflected in what areas? Just use the Internet as a gimmick is not unique in the same reference? Jun a barrage of questions one by one to throw to zhe brother.

zhe brother neither fast nor slow answer in his view, the Internet thinking first of all is the user thinking, from product to experience to the user held in very high position.

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