When a fade out of the market reality of the industry the industry website and go from here

for individual owners and the general strength of the webmaster, do a professional in the field of industry website, is the best choice, however, the society is in progress, the development of new industries in the industry, today suddenly tomorrow might withdraw from the market, so, this site and the

from where?


for example, the original MP3, now MP4, although it is now there is a place, but has been overtaken by the latecomers, then, facing two possibilities: transformation and death. After that, needless to say, and for the transformation, it can be said that is not an easy thing. Especially when the site has a certain impact in the industry, and the domain name is the domain name of the industry, it can be said that the most headache thing. Change the content, certainly reluctant to abandon, neither fish nor fowl. So, what should we do?

first of all, I feel like I should maintain the same as the original, while looking for other profit points. Why does this say that I am on the site after the advertising profit, when the industry lost its original position, then the site’s advertising position will lose focus, thereby affecting the effectiveness of advertising.

is the second on the basis of the original, can increase the emerging industry, is the industry that can replace the information, use the original website to promote this section, and then through this forum to achieve the transition from the old to the new website industry.

is also a good idea, even though the industry disappeared, but it will not disappear immediately, at least 10 years there will be a product, for example, we can continue to do a good job from these areas, continue to maintain traffic. Perhaps one day, will also reflect its historical value.

in short, it is not easy to build a website, the site is like their own children, as long as he has the ability to survive, we have the obligation to let him live well, live a wonderful.

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