How to fry your website

a website to be famous, I’m afraid it is inevitable. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money. But a website wants to quickly know, want to do the most with the least money, I think, is the best way to hype.

website speculation what?

1 concept. The most recent is the WEB2.0 hype, started 05 websites with a WEB2.0 love it, why? Can have more people to pay attention! A little further, portal concept, the concept of electronic commerce, every large concept of speculation can be a few successful websites. Of course, this hype to large-scale, we all recognized. If you can declare a large-scale discussion, then no doubt, your site has been successful half

with 2 network connections. There is a relationship between the best, such as certain website investment, so the former executives of the website, etc.. A famous person, the site to do a thing we will pay attention to. It doesn’t matter what?. Taobao’s trick into the treasure, so that the anti Taobao boy is known for a while, it is said that there are more than 10 times a day when several media reporters waiting for an interview. What? The relationship with Taobao to pull up! By the way Taobao, awareness of crisis is too weak to move it into the treasure "itself is an advanced thing, Baidu also has PPC, also has anti Baidu, the scale is almost big, Baidu has successfully settled their


3 fried new model. Your website if the model is novel, so it is a good news, comment mode of comment network, personal portal mode, watercress Book Audio Commentary mode. Before the model does not look promising, coal generally prefer.

4 do something to let someone else BT. Millions of lattice is very abnormal, a little bit to attract Internet users are not, he can not loyal users, no one will go to see the third. So a site of coal every day in the noisy, lasted for half a year. Really brought millions of wealth to its owners.

5 revealed a little business situation. For example, the internal situation of enterprises, enterprises deal with the situation. Google has always been to make the advertisement is famous for what he had done! Send gifts recommendations for users, free, relaxed working environment, these are good speculation, not only let GOOGLE have a good corporate image, but also to build high visibility.

The founder of

6 website. If the founders are legendary, or lack of experience, is a 20 year old out of the community college students, so speculation can be used when the


what are you missing?

a good interpersonal relationship is a key factor in the success of speculation. WEB1.0 era, your relationship needs to have a good relationship with the editor of the various sites and newspapers and other coal editors, and WEB2.0 if you are more difficult to have a good

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