Let 80% of the people to do the Taobao guest method

Last night

Amoy’s home in YY channel 96009188 for a Taobao customer share we have said for dry cargo, very dry, low threshold, the new veteran Taobao customers can operate.

below is a lecture transcript:

a, Taobao customer importance. Taobao guest is a very good choice, the future may become a part of the people, and even Taobao guest promotion technology into a professional university.

two, the importance of network resources. Before Taobao off easily, finishing a log can be reproduced in a single, now? 13 years when the evaluation is also very good to do, put the QQ group number or link can be a single, direct link may only at the time of the effect, if it is QQ group number, now resources accumulated now do business, is the use of resources to do it, so the accumulation of resources is very important. We need to consciously accumulate resources.

three, Taobao guest method. This method is a combination of shop operation (Taobao passenger + shop), is not a simple Taobao store guest (placed directly on the shop inside Taobao passenger link) the shop, Taobao customer is illegal, will be the title of the.

as a product of 100 yuan, 40 yuan Commission, the analysis of products, product title search through Taobao search volume index analysis of customer, this product, if the product title in 20 or 50 by Taobao search volume, the seller service inside the software: a complex system, the product information is copied to the the store, modify the price, 100 yuan product commission 50 yuan we have to do is price, we sell 80 or 90, the price of our own, to consider the Ali Mama technical service fee, so the price we must pay attention to this point. This method is relatively low threshold, especially suitable for beginners.

method flow:

selected products (High Commission products) – Analysis of product data – price – Calculation of profit

use their own shop, through Taobao’s natural search traffic, resulting in the shop volume.

when someone to buy the product photographed after we go to the Tmall store to take the same product, the buyers can fill out the information, Tmall store products to buyers, when we shot the product in Tmall store, to buy the use of our Taobao customer link, our income is commission post. So the merchant shipping, then we can express a single number to fill in our own shops.


1, you need to prepare for the two accounts, one for the opening of the Taobao store, a mother account for ali.

2, Ali mother for the channel is purchasing.

shop zero credibility or the newly opened up so useful?

useful, we search the title of the product through the Taobao index, search found that the amount of search products are there, >

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