Analysis of the problems existing in the promotion of the key words to promote the solution

in many ways to promote the use of key words as a promotion, without exception, is one of the fastest way to achieve. The use of search engine keywords, so that customers can quickly find themselves; the use of keyword advertising promotion, can bring a certain amount of flow and accurate customer resources…… However, the use of any one of the ways in the actual use will not be your face there are some problems. The search engine marketing mode, in the Internet community has always been criticism. And this keyword advertising promotion mode of the drawbacks are not only affected by the search engine marketing model, but also affect the development of search engine marketing market.

in the promotion of key words from 4 aspects to analyze the existing problems:

key words promotion factor analysis

from the choice of keywords, the promotion of information design, click on the keyword selection analysis, keyword promotion budget, amount of key words advertisement etc. the promotion process includes a series of links to user keyword promotion intentions to survey and analysis. In the browser, it seems that the keyword is nothing more than a simple title and abstract, but even the simple title and summary under the need of macro and micro combination of two ways to analyze. For the first time the use of keywords promoters, it is difficult. In the search engine rankings, the choice of keywords is to take into account the user’s browsing habits, the search habits of the target customers, analysis of competitors and the promotion of the product marketing model, etc.. Again also need to promote the good psychological quality, because there may be spread very reluctant to see the results, promotion can not achieve the desired results, the use of PPC was peer malicious click for the amount of disposable…… Wait。 Therefore, the key words to promote their own need to master a certain degree of professional knowledge and promotion experience, but also have good psychological quality.

keyword promotion factor analysis

click on the keywords may be potential customers, but does not mean that the click of the keywords are potential customers, it may be completely unrelated to the user. In the network search engine using the survey data show that 60% of the users of the search engine is very high degree of trust. 78.3% of the net name is a daily use of search engines. But in so many users, to identify the use of PPC promotion search engine and natural search results only accounted for 5.1% of all search engine users, it means that the vast majority of the network can not distinguish between ming. This means that nearly 95% of users browse and click on the results of the search is not to distinguish whether the contents of advertising, as long as the information associated with their needs, it may cause the occurrence of click behavior.

search engine keyword PPC promotion the enterprise or product information for keywords ranking, click for misleading information will form at the same time, this will lead to misleading information search free to click, this will cause a lot of unnecessary losses to the keyword promotion side.

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