Fan Zhuo what is the ultimate purpose of interactive nternet Marketing

some time ago to know a friend, was when the creative director at a 4A advertising company, you should know, the traditional media now as one day, and then the man came out he opened a company, responsible said that their company does not have a person particularly familiar with the network marketing however, people on the site actually don’t know where to C over a network marketing flow chart, it is very professional. But, by this man before 4A contacts, Leng is to pull back a few large customers, then the project launched, rash and too much in haste began, the entire marketing process said the truth is a fool, because the money ah, hit the chant, but I want to say today is a desirable place for the network marketing after all, from 4A’s creative director, not him.

well, today want to share with you now is that the Internet is a mainstream marketing, interactive marketing, in the South City has many specialized interactive network marketing network planning company, it is to make money, because can play interactive, it is not an ordinary company, but I have to say, interaction marketing is not only the company’s patent, our small and medium-sized enterprises can play, if you control the location and delivery medium will on no problem, how to play, I can have the back and share, today is mainly those things and we talk about the interactive marketing.

speaking of interactive marketing, in the traditional channel, get a small table, to the flow of local place, engage in a few VI banner, sat a few people began to interact with the site registration to send prizes and so on, have a bigger stage, sing and dance to send gifts, in short is that people participate in interactive marketing and compared to the traditional channels, the content of interactive marketing network technology that is a little high. Specifically how to do, to share with you what I have recently done the project experience.

first of all, the target group of the positioning of the activity, there is not much to say, because according to the product positioning crowd, this is relatively simple.

secondly, determine the marketing carrier, also is the content of the activities, as we all know, now can do interactive marketing on the Internet, for the target population is not 70 is of course after 80, 90, activity content is very high, how to design an activity, make it both can play again, there is a strong sense of marketing, and to your target population stickiness, it is necessary to do the marketing carrier. The most important thing is that the activities of the design must not involve the privacy of the target population.

third is a set of rules, lianhuanji, tactics in the idiom cloud: unable to stop, so the activity rules set is to make activities against the people, actively involved, and step by step to reach you want them to go, there are many ways, such as celebrity involvement, some time ago Sina home Lin Chiling flag cakes take you to do the moon cake, the number of participants and the activities of the formulation of rules is good, of course, participate in activities to send coupons and other methods, this can be due to specific circumstances to set. >

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