Face recognition and image recognition service providers flying search technology was ten million yu

news July 7th, face recognition and image recognition to provide related services to "fly search technology" announced the acquisition of 10 million yuan Angel round of financing, funds from a well-known domestic intelligent hardware manufacturers, and the specific name unknown.

flight search (FaceAll) technology was founded in 2015, is a technology innovation, independent research and development as the core, the machine learning, especially deep learning the research results are applied to the Internet, security, education and other fields of high-tech companies. Core team members from NOKIA, France Telecom, Fujitsu, etc.. Unlike other face recognition, face recognition technology is not specific for the flight search scene specific solutions, but on a team of 20 people, master algorithm, mainly to provide algorithms and provide technical solution algorithm for image recognition equipment or technology integrators and service providers. According to different customer needs, they can provide SDK, online API or SaaS, private cloud and other ways to provide programs.

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