8868 hand travel trading platform successfully revealed to create core value for users

8868, too fast and safe is the leading hand travel trading platform -8868 hand travel trading platform loud slogan. Since 2013, since the line has been a favorite of the majority of hand travel players, but also gathered a lot of game developers, distributors and channel knowledge. March 2015 8868 trading platform to get $10 million B round of financing, once again become the focus of the industry. In this article, the comprehensive secret 8868 Mobile Games trading platform (www.8868.cn), with your full understanding of this popular love Mobile Games trading platform: 8868 trading platform in the end what is special about


original CBC trading model, open hand travel trading Xintiandi

8868 hand travel trading platform for the original CBC trading model, with the traditional hand travel trading platform is very different. 8868 open innovation platform and make data exchange through the official game manufacturers, sellers will advance goods such as accounts, equipment and other frozen in the Buyers after the game official system notification delivery, to complete the transaction through the service platform. CBC transaction this innovative model, completely broke the traditional trading platform C2C transaction pattern, can effectively avoid the occurrence of fraud, false trading, etc.. The introduction of CBC model, not only to enhance the overall success rate of hand travel related transactions, while users are most concerned about the safety and efficiency, to establish a 8868 platform is difficult to shake the core competitiveness.

figure 1

of course, in addition to CBC transactions, C2C standard transactions on the platform is also an important component. C2C trading sector, 8868 hand travel trading platform 7*24 hours customer service, ready for the user to solve the problem. Coupled with the platform’s own independent account (including the balance of the concept) system, real name authentication, mobile phone binding and bank card authentication and other mechanisms to provide players with the most secure and efficient trading services. Buy, buy equipment, buy game currency in the 8868 platform can easily get.

date, covering 8868 subscribers Mobile Games trading platform has exceeded 5 million, the core users at the beginning of the year that broke the 1 million 500 thousand mark, and is still growing, consumer platform users accounted for more than 90%. It is the depth of the excavation of the potential needs of core users, 8868 growth is currently one of the most popular trading platform, monthly water breakthrough in the year of 30 million.

star products have a unique style, three innovative services to subvert the traditional

the first charge, bargains and retreat travel treasure, as the 8868 Mobile Games trading platform launched blockbuster products, has become the most popular game player groups of objects. Thanks to the core of the CBC model platform, 8868 hand travel trading platform based on the creation of the business innovation of the business of the top three star products, completely subvert the history of traditional game trading deals between players.

first charge number of the business, is the 8868 hand travel trading platform launched in May last year, the type of business, the opening of the industry. At present, most of the mobile games will be on the line

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