Let the old ways to create new value alternative promotion experience

today, I had to publish a SEO article, at 4 o’clock, published an overview of the experience of SEO, the majority of the friends of the contempt of the webmaster.

but I think the comprehensive development of SEO is the combination of theory and practice, only know that each promotion method is not good, we must be good at their own independent thinking and creativity, this is my theme today.

an extension of an old method:

to the network investment projects without "guaranteed income" this concept, because the comprehensive ability of project participants themselves are not the same, it is not possible to say the project can ensure that everyone do the specific figures to quantify the minimum guarantee income, for example, 300 yuan / day. But in February 06, the network also really appeared "guaranteed daily income of 300 yuan" project, but also lasted for half a year’s time, the daily income of 300 yuan is guaranteed by the chat room to do traffic message register ads get, we look at some of the specific process:

1 select the members of the QQ, of course, can choose more, here is the example of the 6, must be a member of the QQ, the reason is that members of the QQ in the chat room is ranked in front of the.

2 plus video head, if there is no video head, you need to use the QQ plug-in, to ensure that when QQ enters the chat room, in front of a video display image of the head, because the chat room inside the men love with female video QQ.

3 data are modified to women, requiring a generous and elegant name, without erotic words, age set at 23~28 years old. If the name is too vulgar, others will see that this is not a waste of advertising is QQ, so it will not add, men like elegant woman.

4 to modify the data to allow anyone to add friends, QQ information without any advertising.

5 uses NOOPENQQ to hang the 6 QQ to make sure they are online.

6 in these settings in the NOOPENQQ auto reply feature, which has an ad.

7 each QQ can enter the 3 chat rooms, the 6 QQ into the chat room of the 18 different cities, after the chat room to close the QQ, through the NOOPENQQ to hang up these QQ, online.

because these QQ are normal on the surface of the QQ, a look is not advertising QQ, so the administrator will not kick them out, so these QQ will always hang in these chat rooms. Chat room men love view online, video, if you are a member, so better, because they think no one would use to members of QQ advertising, unless it is a fool, so they will take the initiative to add the beauty QQ number, and then in the QQ and the women say hello, automatically reply to the "beauty QQ" will give their advertising content and advertising web site, are generally "come see passion"

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