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on their own marketing, landing and other related issues and confusion, I have targeted to help, focusing on the object of the new station, to the floor, there is no money to do promotion. Especially for the local station.

1, I think: I haven’t done Television Forum, to this kind of users, I’m not, so I’m very sorry, there must be a master in this group, the main group recommended this arrangement to master about this course.

say two: improve PR, my new domain name station from April 1st 06 to now less than a year, PR4, I feel that the above the source of the chain and extensive is to be considered, but it is more important to consider the content, and your work is to establish the extent you need site location and core users to you on the.

therefore, I would like to say that the local station operating mode.

1, the difference between national and local stations


what kind of place to do

if the novels, movies, games, entertainment gossip, download site for the station, the national IP net, audition words; then the local station is highly concentrated regional traffic ip. Therefore, the former can take extensive mode of operation, while the latter, especially in the service of local stations, it is necessary to take fine farming, you can not ignore each station to visit the city users.

for example, the station is the plane to sow; and the local station is like a small farming plot, is sufficient.

has written some of his own experience. 61 engage in the first line of the user gathering, the effect is better than imagination. In July 28th the first anniversary of the party, the promotion is very cheap, AA, but users in an unprecedented degree, love this way very much, some had reached some cooperation.

2, I do my own experience, the local station, first of all to locate the quasi.

simple said zhaochafa case: in July 28th 05 officially opened on the line at the beginning of the day, in addition to their own IP, then from QQ to IP., to October, did the information classification of Inner Mongolia old spot. In March 06, information query IP reached a climax, then… Baidu drop right, another native brothers, took the opportunity to play, do another Inner Mongolia classified information network, a Mo like April, I determined to change domain name, and will continue to start the new domain name zhaochafa "zhaochafa" registered trademark. Registered, while establishing its own first user QQ group. At the same time, I know there is a forum.

with the gradual expansion of the influence of local stations, especially in the city’s reputation, you do not go broke the news, the media has taken the initiative to take care of you. Take the initiative to give positive reports and promotion, which can not be separated from the promotion of line, consistent with the commitment, the lack of a

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