Welcome the new year and share the promotion experience

in the ticking of the clock, 2008, has become history.

in early 2008 to set their own goals, one did not achieve. Is depressed, remorse, vent mood, suddenly found the right corner of the FIREFOX PR plugin shows my http://s.abcyu.com PR value is a shocking 3.

depressed mood suddenly have some good turn, this is probably 2008 left me the greatest happiness. High school students since September 21, 2008 on-line, ALEXA ranking by nearly ten million advance by leaps and bounds, is now 140605, close to ten thousand. But the PR value is always 0, has always been a great trouble to my heart. Today, the first day of 2009, the PR value update later, into 3, this is probably GOOGLE gave me a new year gift.

three months and ten days, a new site has such a result, no matter how others evaluate, I think I personally have been satisfied. Write down some of his own experience, to share with you.

do personal webmaster for more than three months, for personal webmaster do have a profound experience. Because I have worked in the portal site, I know that for the funds of the site, do promotion is a relatively easy job. But for the pocket has been very flat personal webmaster, it is impossible to come up with large sums of money to vote on the site. So, how to do not spend money, or spend less on the basis of their own website traffic, is a very difficult thing. In this three months, I have to do the following things:

looks like a commonplace talk of an old scholar1,

made an interesting "QQ number of good and bad products query".. This product technology content is low, is nothing more than the input of the QQ to do a random operation, corresponds to a good result. The promotion of this product is completely in the Baidu Post Bar posts, the flow is a surprise one day, the highest day of October 19, 2008, 1031 IP later, I it took some time to love QQ made home Ucenter query application, and submitted to the Comsenz and through the audit. Interested can search for "QQ" in Ucenter home, you will see my QQ and query applications, just check the database, now there are more than ten thousand people in the use of the APP. Suddenly, there is an idea, I should add a link to the middle school students in the application of the network, it is estimated that the students can bring some traffic network. Should not be too much, a lot of applications are naked GG advertising.


2, do another interesting QQ mood query products, this product has a slightly higher technical content. Is the input QQ number, you can view the history of the QQ number has written all the signature.

3, the use of ZEND FRAMEWORK from >

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