How to make a successful blog

we all experience the rapid development of the network. According to reports, in 2008, the United States website search engine website attracted more than 1 trillion giant Google. But in early 20, the figure was only 15000 per year. From the science and technology website Mashable reported that the summer of the previous year, there are 150 thousand new web site every day. While it is very difficult to calculate the specific Google attracted several pages, but that is, with the maximum (mammoth) of a word to describe the Internet again appropriate however in 2012.

in the initiation of the 150 thousand daily website, blog revealed the probability of tall. Blog industry in the past 10s change very large. In 2000, the blog is very rare, there is no way to scale in today. At the very beginning, few people really believe that the blog will become a rule, guide, competition and the emergence of considerable income industry.

One of the biggest problems with the

blog industry is that few bloggers can get investment. Large companies are generally more inclined to advertise on large, stately and successful blogs. The launch of a blog and did not expect to taste success semi automatically find the door, you need to step by step, try to fight, even to achieve "money box" so, finally, you not only made the success of economic activities, but also gain a great reputation of industry reputation.

to choose?Select the

oriented overall is one of the most difficult thing blog. If you can not quickly thought of the subject, not the. Personally, I feel that blogging is not about making money, but for the things that are in my mind. With a private blog, you can record what you eat breakfast, which may only attract your relatives and friends around, but the business will not be interested. The whole world almost all bloggers have specified point. For example, the operation of preset, IT or sports and other areas of the blog effect is likely to be the best.

your passion to choose is more important than. You certainly don’t want to write about the internal meaning. Please pay writers to write one of the methods is, however, still face the fact, do earn very low probability of investment. Wait until your blog has fame and can save lives down in tension in the industry, and then hire writers too late. I object to the fact that we put a lot of money into the blog.


domain name should be related to your business, if you want to know how to choose the best domain name, the domain name is not too long to remember.


of course, host selection service is not important but seemingly trivial, a reliable host service enterprise is to ensure the success of your blog. Remember, host failure will let you not be warmly welcome. Nothing to enter an incorrect page to head pain. If your website in it do not professional, will lead to reduced by on site of interest.


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