Liu Yu media integration to open up a new chapter in network promotion

Internet for smes. Both full of infinite temptation, but it seems strange. E-commerce, network marketing, calling for more than ten years, but how many enterprises get real benefits from the Internet? Internet network company Shun Pennsylvania change, dragons and fishes jumbled together, Baidu phoenix nest replace PPC, but still did not get real recognition of Internet users. The Baidu strike has optimized traces of the SEOers website, network marketing in the end of the jittery, many customers are in the decide on what path to follow? Recently asked me the same question: how do Yu network promotion? How and in Qi film together do? I want to talk with Yu is a media integration of resources the problem. Enterprise marketing need to focus on actual combat, we are in order to promote sales, not to promote the promotion of deliberately. Whether black or white, catch the mouse is a good cat! I think if a company want to rapid development, he must not be a single leg walk. It is necessary to integrate all available resources to the maximum extent. We always in the network company transverse comparison between, who strength will be stronger? But if we put the film and television advertisement and network promotion combination do, will receive what kind of effect? On the basis of this, the network promotion can play a big role? We mainly from the simple analysis of the following three points a:

1, saving publicity costs, access to more opportunities for fair competition.

compared with film and television advertising and newspapers and magazines, the cost of network promotion is undoubtedly very cheap. For a month at the cost of the network promotion, only the equivalent of a full page newspaper advertising. The newspaper is out of date, so few people read it. But the information on the network can exist for a long time. And can break through the limitations of the newspaper layout, the network of information on the enterprise a comprehensive and detailed show. For users to browse at any time. This will undoubtedly increase the exposure of the enterprise, to bring more opportunities for fair competition.

2, expand the channels of publicity, change enterprise marketing model.

network as a new media value has been widely recognized by everyone. Reasonable network promotion can not only expand the original publicity channels, the most important thing is to change and optimize the original marketing model. In the current market environment, the supply is often greater than demand, many businesses are in the fierce competition for limited customers. Traditional marketing relies on layers of tight channels, with a large number of human resources and advocacy to compete for the market, not only time-consuming and costly. In the network era, through the network promotion, we can get a direct face-to-face with customers. Mature network promotion system can effectively reduce the intermediate link. Bring greater profit space for enterprises.

3, to provide differentiated services to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

is a strong traditional media marketing, publicity of active party in the enterprise, deliberately let customers know you in the shortest time, but it is often difficult to really into customer’s heart, but the nature of the great coverage is still the most mainstream.

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