What is the download software


since the thunder since haste into the ranks of potential download software download software, before the giants were shocked, the network ant has already been trampled to death, the express train network trying to get back, but from the network traffic and express the thunder, after 07 years of 08 years from October to January a strong promotion time silent.

is of course due to the success of the thunder download it quickly, in order to download, thunder in the N thread during peaceful times to occupy a lot of bandwidth. Tencent is said to be more than the number of super whirlwind thread. When the thunder fame outside, has a strong user base. How to download other software to break it?

is known to all, the proportion of movie and TV series in the download task is quite high, if you can download the middle of the side to see the features, users will be very surprised.

currently has two doing the "watch" business, popular Internet Movie and ToToLook (secretly, estimated developers motives). From their web sites included in the number and weight of view, popular online movies occupy most of the market, so that the two software awareness is not too high, the opportunity to express and whirlwind oh.


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