Palm reading technology to complete nearly 100 million in the first round of financing


technology news January 4th noon news, Sina exclusive, palm reading technology has completed the first round of financing, the scale of nearly $100 million, the valuation of nearly $1 billion.

first round of financing to read the palm of the investment side of the state investment and Austrian flying animation. Palm reading technology co-founder Jia Shengting confirmed this news, but did not disclose the specific amount of investment.

Jia Shengting said palm reading has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the two companies, and the financing will be mainly used for the purchase of the content, the industry chain to build.

palm reading technology is the earlier the mobile reading company, started in 2015 to the mobile reading of other areas of expansion, the paper launched the hardware products, set up a palm reading literature into the cyber literature field, and begin the game, film and television layout. (Liu Can)

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