2015 AR VR industry financing nearly 700 million for the 6 consecutive quarter of rising

Digi-Capital’s new report, 2016 AR/VR report and AR/VR transaction database shows that in the field of AR/VR in 2015 received a total investment of $686 million. AR/VR investment rose for 6 consecutive quarters, the investment in the fourth quarter of 2015 was the middle of 2014, the times of 6. Taking into account the end of Magic Leap block trading and the end of 2015, the transaction is not included, the amount of investment in AR/VR in 2015 will be more substantial than reported.


2015 AR/VR industry financing of nearly $700 million

benign circulation

most of the investment flow to those investors can see the short-term and long-term return category, including AR/VR, video games, solution / service and AR/VR head mounted display. Last year AR/VR advertising and marketing, consumer applications, technology and other departments of investment is lower because the market is still in its early stages, but investors will fully understand the category of potential. Therefore, the scope of investment in 2016 will be more extensive.


2015 AR/VR industry financing of nearly $700 million


early return on investment always has a certain lag, usually after years of access to investment exit. Therefore, in 2015 AR/VR investment exit $3.11, only half of the investment is not surprising. It is surprising that from 2011 to 2015 AR/VR investment growth of 128%. AR/VR market trading volume has been at a high level, due to the main business in the field of view beyond competitors, this year there will be some major acquisitions.


2015 AR/VR industry financing of nearly $700 million

critical point

AR/VR investment this year will be the game of the brave into venture capital and corporate investment in the broad participation of the market. 2020 AR/VR revenue will grow to $120 billion, the industry is full of opportunities for enterprises. Whether you like virtual reality or augmented reality, the industry is becoming more and more real.

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