Network marketing Taobao business activities planning

Author Zhou Xusheng

today to talk to you about the Taobao business strategy activities and some preparatory work! Come straight to the point, dry cargo;

activity preparation

a, commodity:

1 must be timely goods shelves, shelves of goods time will directly affect the activities of the time, if the shelves late will extend the activities of the time; if the business early, also will affect the activities of the


2 price: the price of the goods need to be set up before the event;

3 single page: must not exceed 2 megabytes, or the number of visitors will affect the speed of open;

4: the selection of

should be paid attention to in the selection, inventory more, discount intensity is relatively large, to highlight the characteristics of our service store;

two, personnel:

1 training:

(1) the rules of the training activities, we must let all involved in the planning and implementation of the activities of the people know that we play the game, know the rules;

(2) using the method of business activities in the tool, be sure to let the participants know some usage promotion tools businesses, such as full reduction tools, sellers promotional tools, instruments and so on after seckill, must not be in the active line only to find promotional tool setting error, or will cause some loss (! Remember)

2 customer service:

before the event to set up a good customer service, then, in this regard, I believe that some sellers have done a good job, do not introduce too much;

three, service:

1 emergency case of advance planning good copy submitted to the customer service, such as: how to say no out of stock, logistics distribution system fault how to say, how to say, how to say, customer service issues a series of emergency measures;

2 customer service problems encountered in the reception process documents must also be prepared, technical, not a good, look at the customer service to reflect the temporary


phone 3.400, as far as possible to buy a 400 call, so there are a lot of customers direct telephone consultation; I just have a 400 phone friends, there is a need to look at no 400 telephone business, you OUT;

4 self-service shopping process, we have some white users to buy when doing activities, we need to save labor time, to set up self-service shopping page, described in the baby details page; so that users see more directly, more perfect user experience;

four, promotion preparation:

1 through train, the train is our essential tool for drainage;


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