Education and training institutions to do the six reasons for network marketing

China’s marketing into the Internet era. The Internet also bathed in the spring breeze Chinese education and training institutions, through the Internet fortune enterprise meet the eye everywhere there are many small and medium sized, but still not engaged in education and training institutions, or engaged in network marketing, the effect is not ideal. I combine my experience in the education industry, analysis of the reasons.

first choice, the first analysis of why many training institutions are still not engaged in network marketing.

first: offline channels enough to support their students. Many training institutions leaders have a variety of prominent background, through a variety of channels under the traditional channels to get enough students, enrollment hot, there is no need for the urgency of network marketing.

second: conservative thinking, prejudice to the network marketing. Speaking of network marketing, is still a lot of training institutions leaders believe that through the network marketing can recruit students is a lie or for the potential of recruitment through the network marketing skeptical.

third: want to do, but did not dare to test the water. Some of the leaders of the training network marketing as a very deep technology, I think I can not do, but please do not afford, or worry about the supervision of their own. Some people one-sided network marketing is equivalent to the construction site, do bidding. Feel limited financial resources, can not afford to bid, they gave up the way through the network marketing enrollment.

generally speaking, a lot of training institutions are still not engaged in network marketing is two points: after all is not aware of the Internet trend, the lack of comprehensive and correct understanding of network marketing.

secondly, under the analysis of many training institutions engaged in network marketing is still not achieved the desired results. I think that the training institutions a perfect network marketing system should be the correct positioning of the school & courses and services of planning, construction, marketing website to choose a suitable way to promote customer service and efficient transformation system, perfect data analysis and optimization system grouped into five. Next, Song Jia An Analysis for everyone.

the first position is not clear, planning unknown

good product + good service + good brand + good team = successful marketing. In contrast, many small and medium training institutions, there is no difference between the school and the curriculum itself and the positioning of the planning package, the lack of curriculum research and development departments, mutual plagiarism, homogenization serious. Self-centered, not considering the actual needs of the students, still use the last century that a teacher, a book, a classroom on the course of the traditional teaching mode. What is more, the low level of teachers or poor service attitude, shoddy. For the future promotion, sales caused great resistance!

second ignore the establishment of marketing network

a good website is a school online in the facade, is a talking gold salesman, many schools often consider how to get customers to the website, never realized that whether the site can stay.

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