Private hospital network marketing promotion way out

private hospital of public enemy but public hospital, only to raise awareness through extensive publicity to the network marketing, but the most popular is the Baidu bid, but Baidu bidding competition, cost more and more high, the conversion rate is more and more low, leading to the recent Putian war Baidu picture then, the private hospital’s network marketing where the


highly competitive bidding costs, search engine marketing top up!

bid to promote the mode of hospital network marketing is the most common, although is a piece of meat and potatoes, but grab a lot of people, the amount is small, the more helpless, the cost of bidding every year, a word than a word seems to be expensive, so down conversion, profit space it is not very large, especially in the recent Putian War Department of Baidu, is not because the cost is too high. So what do you do?

is thinking that is favorable for promotion, because the site can be in the front row, the user’s click rate is high, that if you do search engine marketing, access to natural ranking, can also get high click rate, and the ranking is sustainable, ranking is for promotion to the accumulation of money.

your site is not converted, it is because users do not like


also has a hospital to think is that the use of feedback, Baidu bid, the conversion rate is not high, the natural ranking will be useful? Thinking is a simple explanation to the network marketing experts, it is because your site users do not love, will jump out rate is high, no conversion rate. Therefore, whether it is to promote the use of marketing or search engine marketing, we must ensure that the site meets the user’s tastes, rather than wishful thinking of the hospital.

why users will not love? The website looks not authoritative website advertising, website content too much, too slag, website visual experience, website structure confusion, after all, is the user experience is poor, resulting in low conversion rate. Therefore, the site’s infrastructure is good, in the promotion, will naturally get a high conversion rate.

search engine marketing how to achieve low input high returns

?Since the

search engine marketing can also achieve the bidding effect, and the cost of investment is lower, Why not?, or if both it is not network more, catch more fish? How the search engine marketing in order to achieve low input high return


is thinking that the use of Web site optimization to improve the ranking, the ultimate goal is transformed, so in the choice of keywords ranking optimization, must choose the hospital’s core business, search the real needs of users, but instead choose the flow of words, which is a lot of misunderstanding as hospitals in the website optimization when the.

In addition to

website optimization to improve the ranking, and use the search engine promotion website promotion, the hospital, most users love to related inquiry platform, community forums, industry platform to understand the situation, so in addition to the common source of the news promotion, these platforms can be.

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