Blue ants on the thigh of locusts

ant network founded by unknown to the public in the famous IT critics, because often see catcher in the blog, so in the online line after he pays attention to the ants under. The location of ant network is a social e-commerce community. I don’t know what it means to be socialized. It’s probably a relationship. Old friends bring new friends, new partners and new friends…… I don’t know if it’s right. As for e-commerce, online commodity trading. To sum up, the ant network is a network platform to achieve e-commerce through interpersonal relationships. If this is true, the ant network play and the usual rules of commercial transactions, a bit contrary to the. Usually the commodity trading, commodity based (object) as the connection, people shopping, the buyer and the seller, then, may extend for two times, three times and N times of shopping, relationship between buyers and sellers have been strengthened in the shopping process, and may have evolved into acquaintances or friends. The seller and the buyer because of the relationship between shopping, temporarily ignored by the ant network. The ant net is concerned about the sale after the end of the process: a commodity buys an item, he put this item on the Internet show, B also has this thing, he also know a love, so for this item and a start the discussion, then C attention to their discussion, have produced this item of desire, and C to the store to buy this item, and then join the discussion a and B, Ding B is that opinion leaders, so he is going to buy this item……

I describe the ant network of social e-commerce right. So, the question arises: where is the seller? The most important seller in the commodity trading relationship is gone. He was absent from the discussion. You say, this is not e-commerce? I think, the seller’s absence is the wheat field. Perhaps the wheat field is planned to be introduced to the seller after a lot of discussion has been created by the buyer (that is, after the community matures). From this point of view to predict, for the discussion of goods + flow + seller = ant network. Web2.0 so-called people-oriented concept, play in the ant network.

well, let’s take this for granted. So I’ll come out and analyze the feasibility of each link. First of all, "the discussion of objects". A group of people do not matter, around a piece of discussion for a long time, what is the significance of real life, we will have a discussion on the production of goods and the desire to buy, the last week to pay action. The cost of this discussion is very low, and we can have this kind of discussion in the office, at the party, in the chat. If you want to simulate this process through the network platform, the cost is too high. The cost of establishing relationships. In reality, our discussions take place between acquaintances, colleagues, and friends, and have a sense of identity with each other. Looking through the network to create a sense of identity and familiarity, discuss how difficult ah?. The goods produced each other’s identity is not reality, but perplexing relationship and familiar with the process of long time, is not a short duration of time. Expect to build a "human" as "quick" on the web

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