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according to the "Shanghai issue" WeChat May 25th news, Shanghai city network information office is to carry out the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification action, on the basis of investigation and verification, solid card for reference, has interviewed graduate recruitment network, Wealink, 51job, people network four recruitment website. In addition, in the process of verification of the site for the record information, Shanghai net letter office also found that there are 51CMS nets, light recruitment network has serious illegal behavior.

interviews, Shanghai Network Information Office stressed that the recruitment websites to undertake the social responsibility, through the strict internal control system, improve the reported receiving system, eliminate false and harmful information to spread through social recruiting platform, and encourage the implementation of real name registration, website of qualification certification recruitment enterprise, exploring more effective way.

said the four websites will conduct the investigations on the existing problems, make a short board, to establish and perfect the relevant system, the main responsibility for the implementation of enterprise management, and submit a written report to the rectification.

on site registration information verification process, Shanghai network information office also found that the two sites have serious illegal behavior: one is the 51CMS network false record, and the release of the Macao casino recruitment information; another one is light recruitment network, the person in charge said no site management has been idle. According to the relevant laws and regulations, Shanghai city net letter office, please pass off the record and shut down the website.

"recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work is the first half of this year by the national network information office with the relevant departments to carry out, to crack down illegal recruitment website promises chaos, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote the construction of the network integrity. The work of the special rectification work includes comprehensive recruitment website, graduate recruitment website, industry recruitment website and other recruitment website (including website recruitment channel, recruitment website APP). At present, the National Network letter office has been investigated and dealt with in accordance with the two batch of serious violations of dishonesty recruitment website.

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