n front of the opponent to establish their own powerful C2C website

C2C website construction can be divided into the following steps:

1, investigate customer groups, understand their needs, develop their expectations of the Internet

2, the needs of the target population to do a detailed analysis, such as different ages, different identities of the crowd on the site’s different needs.

3, according to the statistical analysis of the results, in the realization of the conditions to meet their needs.

4, determine the direction of the operation of the site and specific business strategy.

5, the specific construction site, can use ready-made source code, can also be customized according to their specific needs such as source code, easy to network multi-user Mall (www.changehope.com) is very good, in the function of the website are very powerful, management is also very simple.

The difficulty of

traditional mode of C2C sites is that buyers can not after buy goods, not in order before trial. On the Internet to see pictures of goods and objects are very different, the main difference in the model, style, new and old, production date, etc.. The problem is that it is difficult for the site operators to have loyal buyers and sellers, the site is not easy to establish a good brand. The traditional C2C model is to provide an online trading market, the site can not verify all the goods, the seller can not guarantee the integrity, but also can not guarantee the interests of buyers. Because online transactions, buyers can not try, resulting in a low turnover rate. Limitations of the C2C model can only be carried out in the country, can not be traded overseas.

C2C brings a lot of convenience, can not really shop, not too many staff, can save a lot of cost, the buyer saves time and effort, in the tens of thousands of homes will be able to easily find their desired merchandise. Buyers save time, reduce the cost and the seller store the cost of human resources, the best of both worlds. Network multi-user mall C2C multi-user mall is to provide trading platform for buyers and sellers. C2C multi-user mall model is very ideal and convenient.. Easy to network to provide the latest features of the most powerful C2C site source code, can solve the limitations of the traditional C2C model.

Another significant feature of the

C2C model is the online auction, the highest bidder. While most of the online transactions are more common and common goods also have a number of very distinctive products. In the selection of specialty products and local products are very important. With the characteristics of goods to attract potential buyers, with the professional market to attract sellers. A large number of goods and huge traffic to both bring great convenience and economic benefits, to achieve a win-win situation, bring to the site traffic and visibility, establish a professional and good brand for the site, let site quickly.

specific operations in the site, how to achieve profitability and sustainable management is the fundamental c2c. First establish specific business scope, such as home appliances digital, or clothing, cell phones, etc.. May also >

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