Ctrip Ctrip tens of millions of dollars to acquire Ctrip abbreviation domain name xc com



domain name investment WeChat domaincom latest revelations: Ctrip today acquired two letter domain name XC.COM, according to reliable sources, the transaction price in millions of dollars, the price of more than 20 million previously known turnover of Jingdong jd.com


xc.com registered in 1995, whois has changed in November 22, 2013. At present, all of the whois and Ctrip main domain name ctrip.com is consistent: James Liang, Ctrip CEO beam.


JD.COM, a Jingdong after the replacement shop replacing yhd.com, vip.com purchased VIP.COM, Internet giants have joined the domain name change rhythm, now Ctrip Ctrip acquisition is referred to as xc.com, the purchase price is the most expensive domestic domain this year’s transaction, 11.com and 99.com are more than netdragon. Small series of two or three letter domain name is expected to rise again!

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who can foresee the station of the domain name change a


[above information from domain name investment WeChat "domaincom" author @ Zhang Da Guanren | WeChat private number niuren]

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