Review the hungry black storm takeaway O2O or will meet the changing situation

compared to previous years, this year CCTV 3 – 15 party "relatively calm, not as usual holding the big stick tiger. Before people predict the situation may be on the list are basically lost, such as Internet banking, electricity providers, environmental protection, telecommunications, micro business and other hot spots. Only the list of giant is Ali, the criticism is not the traditional impression of the business and selling platform, but Taobao platform businesses organized scalping suspected of commercial fraud, and the platform of relationship and responsibility is not too big.

All this makes

"hungry" has become the focus of this year’s CCTV "3 – 15 party" revealed that the company founded in 2009 takeaway O2O platform there are undocumented businesses, their large-scale use of its network of sales of food, bring health risks can not be controlled to the consumer, and the meal hotel also discovered the serious the food safety problems in the production process.

in recent years, food safety incidents occurred frequently, but the takeaway with consumer’s daily diet is closely related to incident upon exposure immediately again to stimulate consumer fragile nerves, for "hungry" users, the mood is glad and panic coexist. And "hungry" has become a target for all, the crisis is the market business and consumer confidence.


"black", "hungry" is more than a platform

After the

thing, hungry, what do you want to learn to learn the practice of NetEase ridicule CCTV attempt to use exposure opportunities for crisis marketing. But people’s attitude towards food safety, seems to be much more attention than the so-called network security. "Hungry" excuse and cold jokes instead is expected to play a role but so were all the shelling. It is generally believed that hungry in the regulatory responsibilities of the platform shirk, is not responsible for the performance of consumers. Subsequently, hungry Mody changed the strategy, with the supervision of the inspection, and made a corresponding self rectification.

is "hungry" heart is still not convinced, the reason is this problem more than three black "hungry" is a platform, but in the big takeaway platform has 315 party, but only the exposure of "hungry" a platform. Later, the news from the side confirmed this point, such as late March the media reported that Beijing consumer orders reflect the United States Mission takeaway ordering eat only insects, treatment results of the follow-up mission line the business and compensation for consumers. This shows that the current takeaway food safety issues on the O2O platform is not a case, but the common problems that may exist on each platform.

but, I actually feel hungry, although there are complaints, but in fact it is not wrong. Unlicensed catering business on the line, the industry may be a common problem of the platform, but undocumented catering business line itself is not legitimate. However, the 315 party just found "hungry" problem. As long as the facts of food safety violations, any reason is not an excuse to shirk responsibility, only the law is the only criterion. Platform for food security vulnerabilities, there are >

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