Zhejiang Jiaxing blood center official website said a joke because the domain name was registered

on the evening of December 14th, a netizen in Jiaxing broke the news that the official website of Jiaxing blood donation is actually a joke site. The news was soon netizens reproduced to each big popular online forum, suddenly in an uproar, users have said that this is really ironic.

the netizen said, in December 4th, he went to Haining after blood donation, blood donation center gave him a brochure, there is blood donation center official website address. On December 14th, according to the brochure on the site to he check their blood information, turns out to be a joke web site.

yesterday morning, the reporter opened the Jiaxing blood donation center printed brochure on the site, is expected to see a joke net. In addition, the reporter saw the content on the site is mostly vulgar Huang Duanzi".

reporter learned from the Jiaxing blood donation center, Jiaxing blood donation center official website registered in 2006, has been operating for 5 years. The content of the website for blood donors in Jiaxing blood bank information query, real-time inventory etc..

yesterday, deputy director of the Jiaxing blood center is responsible for foreign propaganda office Qian Ye told reporters, because the website implemented inside and outside the two network, and the network operation has been normal, so they also recently accidentally through external access, only to find the site became a joke net.

Qian Ye told reporters that the daily maintenance of website has been entrusted to a company in Jiaxing local network. After the event, blood donation center immediately contacted the network company, that due to the domain name of the website this year did not renew, so be registered off.

"In the past year

website domain name renewals, we let network company first generation we pay, and then take the invoice to us. This year because the network company staff negligence, they forgot to pay for us, but also did not inform us, so it created a website with the domain name was registered." Qian ye said, "of course we mainly with the network company in coordination errors."

now, because I could not find the domain name registration, Jiaxing blood center only to re register a domain name, domain name registration "new approval, approval, filing, this process will take about 1 weeks, so we will be late in the month before the end of the completion of the new website registered." Ye said money.

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