The wedding wedding website booking site Taishan Angel venture investment fund

March 16 news, leading to provide wedding wedding wedding website booking service network recently announced the Taishan angels and venture fund "marriage", become the first domestic for risk investment of the wedding network platform. It is reported that Taishan Angel venture fund on the wedding network of the first round of investment is more than the average of the angel investment.

Taishan Angel venture fund founding partner Chen Liang said, "Taishan Angel venture fund has been looking for rich tenacity and entrepreneurial talent, broad vision. We see these qualities in the happy net of the whole team, they recognized the understanding for the accumulation of wedding consumer market and consumer demand, very happy to cooperate with them! "," wedding industry is a huge market for the creation of 500 billion new year nearly ten million, covering nearly 70 segments, the rapid growth of consumption also makes the industry the chain has been established gradually, the consumption and industry concentration dispersion, market share is generally low, the wedding wedding banquet reservation network to provide opportunities for the core business, the establishment of marriage service platform."

is a leading network wedding wedding banquet reservation website. The core business is to provide wedding reception for new wedding and Overseas Wedding booking services. The user can query the information in a convenient hotel banquet, submit reservation by telephone or Internet, by a professional wedding consultant who meet the needs of the hotel or recommend new wedding venues, solve the priority of married couples "engagement". With clear and accurate news network and professional services, wedding banquet reservation business launch at the beginning we are "married gens" blitz in Beijing, launched less than two months time, happy nets have been successful and hundreds of wedding hotel signed a cooperation, and accept the new nearly 1000 pairs of wedding booking service.

news network mode is not complicated, but the industry and service composition is very strong, and is based on the "mouse + cement" mode of operation. "We are to solve the strong demand for new marriage engagement wedding, wedding, how can go for convenient booking, what benefits," Kennan told the news network founder website how to meet the needs of users.

On the future development of

, served in the Ctrip Kennan said "the innovation and development of traditional service industry must learn to carry Cheng, the first is focused wedding book business, 80% of the married couple to prepare for the first step is to choose a date for wedding, marriage is the largest expenditure of consumption; the second is the rapid establishment of scale advantage. The formation of scale; third is the establishment of service standards, this is the priority among priorities, not a good user experience and service experience, everything is empty".

in addition, the establishment of wedding website focusing on producing partnership in the chain, in close cooperation with the famous wedding, diamond, wedding planner, launch engagement to send 6800 yuan wedding activities spree. Previously, the Kennan flew to the United States and Japan to the industry’s international enterprises learn to learn, and signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with the top wedding group WorldBridal, launched a number of destinations overseas.

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