How to succeed Study on die site

compared with the traditional industries, the Internet industry is one of the first corner of the iceberg, its development speed, development prospect is not fundamentally undervalued. It is all basic necessities of life can be inserted to idle away in seeking pleasure, and a shot is higher than that of traditional means of a big cut, efficiency increase, is unable to resist the temptation. We simply have no way to recognize an unexpected rise of less than 30 years old hero.

Prior to

, I wrote an article "how to play in stationmaster a thousand miles away", always feel that too many webmaster like always want their website can develop one year, or even half a year, a month to expand the site, this quick success, how ambitious attitude can make a good website?

network to a certain extent, success can go to all corners of the information age people’s life to the casual visitor, but it showed a welcome attitude is far greater than the rejection. That is, the rapid development of the Internet, the computer gradually spread, and who dares to deny the development of the network, the network did not develop, but also can not deny the potential development of the webmaster website is huge. No matter what type of Web site, as long as the fresh, innovative, innovative, add content, can not deny that three years later, as the site is now famous as outstanding.

good content and urgent time to update information is often a key to the success of the site. How many owners will pay attention to this point? Too many personal webmaster, and say that they are not as owners, says that they are just network enthusiasts, just entertain themselves website. How many webmaster is really for the sake of users? You lied in a visit next time, even if you came in, the statistics IP is no less, but you stay in the hearts of others? He came immediately after the back, don’t say you don’t see more ads, said you look, these IP data is good for you? You can only rely on the IP to meet their own vanity.

according to my analysis, the following web site can not be successful, I said the success is three years after the real success, rather than just consider the immediate interests of the site:

1, the site will die. Do the site after the station must be surprised to see, I would like to: how can I stand on the site no way out? I’m different, I do is the industry class web site or blog class URL, etc.. Oh, everyone says so, your web site or blog industry Web site immediately copied, one copy in the past, even if no one copy of your web site, you plan how to operate it, how to make your visitors want to visit your website


2, the thief site will die. The thief is stealing website resources, use server resources of bandwidth resources of others to meet their own needs, even if the traffic is up, other resources in the end is not safe, if one day someone know you stole from him, he will not let you steal, what resources you do, even if traffic there is but one day will be temporarily, than a day reduced, will let more people know.

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