Sources said the number of suspects suspected of operating more than 40 executives arrested

October 12th, reliable sources revealed that, due to the involvement of pornographic business, more than a number of senior executives of well-known music website decibel.

, the sources said, DB network chat room in a large number of naked chat, pornography, and the porn business is fenbei initiative to carry out, this phenomenon has aroused the attention of Hubei Jingzhou public relations agencies, and last month arrested more than DB network executives involved in the case, for remote interrogation and detention.

at the same time, also fenbei staff said, according to his knowledge, fenbei CEO Zheng Li, vice president Zhou Ping, indeed was under investigation by the public security organs, and DB net one case is an important case in Hubei public relations agencies to combat pornography sites, the situation is expected in the near future to the public.

Sohu IT on the matter to call decibel network CEO Zheng Li, whose phone did not answer. Decibel network office phone has long been no answer. In addition, the network has not been able to contact the customer service.

at the same time, there are still a large number of online recruitment network part-time video anchor information. The recruitment information, DB network video chat room "K8 show" about on-line operation, "is to recruit part-time video anchor, as long as you have a computer at home, video will be able to do so, while making money, easy and safe, is mainly responsible for the chat in the chat with VIP customers indoor, guide customers consumption, eloquent, have the talent is preferred, in accordance with their own strength, a monthly salary of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, are welcome to come to consult the confident MM on their own charm." This is also the industry that is our recruitment information hidden.

it is reported that, previously, the network has been subjected to numerous DB fan institutions chase. In October 2004, IDGVC investment 163888.net200 million dollars, accounted for 20% of its shares to the wind; in 2006 Alcatel invested $6 million, accounting for 12% stake. DB early venture capital investor IDG Wang Shuceng will be rated as China’s MySpace decibel, and said Facebook in China has no ability to acquire the decibel network.

if the network is indeed involved in dB, which will be a very IDG investment failure case. When asked about the matter, IDG vice president of the world, Xiong Xiaoge, President of Asia, said to Sohu IT, he has not heard of the news, and said he would understand the network involved in the case of db.

back in July of this year, the decibel network announced that, due to server upgrades, the site temporarily closed. At that time, there was news that the decibel gateway may be related to the suspension of infringement cases. In June this year, the Shenzhen online games R & D company fast Rui technology announced that the Star Internet (DB) infringement fast Rui technology research and development of the game products, fast Rui technology claims to 500 thousand yuan to the decibel network.

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