The value of the domain name awesome double soon expire

more than 5 domain names moderate price and can Amoy treasure but depends on the specific meaning and business needs

recently, Suning announced the repurchase of Amoy shoes network.Com suffix Shuangpin domain name, domain name highlights the huge market value. Around the "let the bullets fly" and other related domain hit movies will soon be registered. As a business tool, investors or through low-cost registration of the domain name cybersquatting, then the transfer of high profit.

analysis of the industry, similar to the name of the film, such as short-term hot domain name, with the heat to reduce the public line of sight, the value of the domain name will gradually reduce.



cable hastyUnlike the

domain name investment real estate investment and gold, one-time investment can get real, also need to pay the annual domain renewals and maintenance fees. Industry insiders suggest that investors should first join a certain economic base, "domain name investment is difficult to obtain short-term profits, timely sell to make money, suitable for long-term holding, as a sideline business".

2~3 domain name no longer need to hype

, according to an industry insider said that the current domestic 2~4 bit.Com and.Cn domain name is the direction of the mainstream investment, 2~3 bit of the domain name no longer need to hype, very popular with investors.

, however, the new investors will generally pay attention to more than 5 domain names, affordable and may be dug into a good domain name, but depends on the specific meaning of the domain name and business needs.

reporter tried to register domain names in a domain name service provider, it is interesting that the reporter randomly entered the name of a few friends have been registered, and the Chinese domain name of the celebrity is almost an empty space. "Wangliang" is pointing to a motorcycle parts company in Zhejiang. Many sites are marked on the home price of the sale, such as price $1230.

Analysis of

industry sources, as a sort of renewable resources, once the domain name is occupied, other people can only wait until after the expiration of the domain name cybersquatting.

but in December 14, 2009 China Internet network information center requires users to register.Cn domain name to submit a written application, before the user can apply online, prohibit individuals registered.Cn domain name.

specified threshold,.Cn domain name registrations decreased significantly, in contrast, the domestic.Com international domain name registration and ownership of record highs, many investors preferred.Com domain name.

enterprise domain name: business opportunities and value of high risk

enterprises in order to protect the company’s image and brand, save marketing costs, network domain name has also been incorporated into the strategic height of the enterprise. Recently, Suning Appliance commissioned intermediary purchase Chinese renamed Pinyin domain name, the original holder for a computer company. The Amoy shoes network, which lasted 2 years, repurchase genuine happy net domain name dispute, Goo>

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